Things to do and see.

The stay at B&B Al gallo cedrone offer unexpected possibilities of satisfying artistic and historical interest, as well as landscaping.

– Walking around it you can follow the marked trails trough woods and pristine valleys.

– Inns, typical restaurants and farms to organic methods will allow you to taste foods and wines of Venteo tradition.

At a distance of 60′ drive, however, there are many tourist sites within:

Vicenza, declared world heritage by UNESCO is the city that gave birth to the architect Andrea Palladio. In the city and the surrounding areas you can visit the Palladian Basilica, the palaces, villas and all of the late Renaissance monuments, architectures dictated the rules of urbanization in most European countries and the whole world. Vicenza is also famous for the international fair of gold VicenzaOro which attracts many visitors.

– Padua, wonderful city rich in history and monuments, was founded in 1132 BC through the work of Antenor. Famous for the majestic Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua, today the city is heavily frequented by many students enroll every year at his University, among the most famous in Italy and in the world.

– Verona, the city of Verona, famous as the site of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The arena, the Roman theater and the historic port has earned over the reputation of “city of marble”, also the nomination of UNESCO.

– The Garda Lake, surrounded by the characteristic towns of Lazise, ​​Peschiera, Lemon and many others. Also along its banks you can visit the many amusement parks including the most famous Gardaland.

– Venice, wich was also declared, along with its lagoon, heritage site of UNESCO. Venice is full of jewelry, historical, cultural and religious. Piazza San Marco in the center of wich is situated  the wonderful namesake Basilica, gold colored and covered with mosaics that tell the story of the city, to the Arsenal and also to the Peggy Guggenheim museum. Here they are preserved works of great artists like Ernst, Modigliani, Picasso, Kandinsky and many others. From Biennale of art, to the Film Festival and the carnival, Venice is always ready to give more than what its majestic architecture gives us.



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